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Creative View: Lucy Chadwick

Welcome to Creative View, a new series where we share who inspires our fashion creativity. This series doesn’t seek to judge the choices of those we look up to; often we don’t know whether the clothing worn by our muses is ethical or not. We’re purely looking for our own version of their truth.

To kick off this new series, Editor Christina Wilmowski has chosen gallery director Lucy Chadwick as her muse.

Why have you chosen Lucy Chadwick?

I first discovered Lucy Chadwick in 2011, when she collaborated with Zara and A Selby Film on a campaign. I immediately loved her style, the way she talked about art, materials, life, and whilst I might not agree with Zara’s ethics I do agree with their aesthetics. The short film packed so many snippets of envy (sorry) into less than seven minutes, from the simple oversized white shirt and loafers she wore, to the drip coffee she drank in her New York loft apartment with her hair stylist husband Duffy, before packing a bag of books and leaving for their half-converted barn upstate. What was not to love?!

What do you love about Lucy Chadwick’s style?

Her embrace of the oversized is probably what I’m most drawn to. From mens coats to Celine blouses and wide-legged trousers, she can pull off a huge roll-neck jumper like no other. I wonder if her love of layers and lack of silhouette comes from her background in curating; working with material, shape and space. I think that part of my girl crush comes from the fact that she seems to love clothes for the pure joy of it – it’s not her job, it’s not her past time, it’s just what she chooses to wear when she leaves the house and she does it for herself, and no-one else. She also mixes vintage and thrifted treasures with designer pieces perfectly.

As someone who lives in black, this outfit speaks to me. The vest is the perfect balance between cheeky side boob and masculine tank top, I love the balance between the fitted top half and the bottom half that gives a gentle nod to the 50s and I’m a big fan of the gold jewellery. The bag compliments the rockabilly edge, but personally I would go for an all-black number and drop the fuzzy fur.

Make the look your own: Organic cotton racer top from Ninety Percent (£40)// Organic high waist jeans from Gather & See (£75)// Ethletic shoes (€79.90)// Noemi tote bag from Nae Vegan Shoes (£115) – or if you prefer a touch of leopard print – Tilly Leopard Print from Accessorize (£32)// Belt from Watson & Wolfe (£50)//Gold coin pendant from Birdsong (£69).

This is an outfit that means business. The statement boots take a casual shirt dress – that I can’t help but think of rom-com mornings waking up in ‘his’ shirt – and put it to the test. Pairing them with this buttery brown leather clutch and a power walk finishes off the look perfectly, it’s the kind of look you could wear to the office and then straight out to an event after work but thanks to COVID it’s more likely to take you from the kitchen to your dining room before dropping you off safely in your lounge.

Make the look your own: Fowey shirt dress from Olive (£99)// Faux-snakeskin ankle boots from New Look (£27.99)// Expressions NYC clutch from Immaculate Vegan (£37).

A pair of ankle swingers, some space brogues and that classic simple blouse; this is another great example of how Chadwick has taken the oversized look and punctuated it with just enough tailoring to make it work. A hint of ankle, a rolled cuff and a dropped neckline all give this outfit the silhouette it needs.

Make the look your own: Chess Deadstock blazer from Immaculate Vegan (£149)// Matilda Shirt from Gather&See (£110)// Wide leg corduroy trousers from Eileen Fisher (£193.63)// Elvis silver brogues from Beyond Skin (£120).

Another powerful look, the balance between the black suit jacket and trainers is ace and I’ll never turn down a giant bag. Especially when the bag Lucy’s carrying is already vegan! Although they are impossible to get your hands on, so you might be better off treating yourself to a Matt & Nat bag in the meantime.

Make the look your own: Morgan Black Jacket from Mother of Pearl (faux pearls) (£495)// Pleated skirt dress from Monsoon (£70)// Vegan Adidas (from £70)// Large black shopping bag by Telfar ($257)// Alina Bracelet from The Boutique Minimaliste (€55).

The Teddy Coat. Will it ever go out of style? Let’s hope not. I’ve cheated a bit with this look and switched the bold floral skirt with a vegan leather dress – partly because I prefer it, and partly because I think it would work so well with this look. I love that she’s added a chunky black hoodie to the outfit, there are simply no rules. And can we please take a moment to appreciate the alternative boots that I found.

Make the look your own: Kaffe Balma Voat (£95.99)// Vegan leather dress from SAND (£279)// Black R&R hoodie from Girlfriend Collective ($68)// Z_Code_Z boots from ASOS (£50)// Hozen clutch bag from Immaculate Vegan (£83)// Eco Ego Nails Inc polish in Bright Red (£9).

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