Vegan Hallowe’en sweets

Hallowe’en might be slightly different this year, but it doesn’t mean it needs to taste different. Here’s our guide to vegan sweets that you can pick up at your nearest supermarket to keep the kids (and grown-ups!) entertained this spooky season.

Marks & Spencer

M&S’s Popping Zombie Brain Jelly (gluten free) will be the star of the show this Hallowe’en; the apple flavoured jelly zombie brain comes with a gruesome raspberry coulis drizzle and popping candy sprinkle – who’ll dare take the first bite?

You can also pick up some Blackcurrant & Cola Fizzy Whizzy Wings (gluten free), Colin the Caterpillars and Plant Kitchen Marshmallows (gluten free) while you’re there.


Swizzels Mummy Mix (gluten free) makes it simple with their bumper bag of treats, filled with all of their favourites – including Refreshers, Palma Violets and Love Hearts, all for just £2. Sainsbury’s also stock a whole host of vegan-friendly sweets, like Rowntree’s newly vegan Fruit Pastilles (just remember to keep an eye out for any of their old recipe bags still on the shelves – the vegan ones are clearly labelled), Jelly Tots (gluten free), Starburst, Flying Saucers and Fizzy Fangs.


Grab a trolley, dash down the sweet aisle and fill it with Dip Dab Softies (gluten free), Refresher Choos (gluten free), Great British Puddings Chew Bars (gluten free), Jelly Beans (gluten free), Bubblegum Lances, Strawberry Lances and Multicolour Sweet Belts. For something spooky to sip on, try these crafty cartons of juice.


Whilst their Hallowe’en green slime donuts aren’t vegan, that doesn’t mean you can’t pop some raspberry jam donuts into your trolley – or their new salted caramel and gingerbread flavours. You’ll also find bags of Fruit-tella Sour Snakes and slightly cuter koalas sweets (both gluten free). Or you could pick up some unusual pumpkins to decorate the house with, then tuck into after you’ve celebrated the spooky season.


A childhood favourite, Sherbet Fountains make everyone smile – or you could go crazy with some Sour Skittles (gluten free), keep it traditional with a bag of their classic flavours (gluten free) or put everyone to the test with a bag of limited edition Sweet Heat Skittles (gluten free)! Not for the faint hearted. Keep the kids on their toes with these Tangy Worms from Jealous Sweets (gluten free) or play it safe with some cute Candy Kittens (gluten free).

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