Flora add buttermilk to their vegan butter

UPDATE: Flora’s new packaging features the wording ‘suitable for vegans’. It is NOT suitable for vegans. They’re promoting their other products as alternatives, so double-check before you buy.

Their ‘100% Plant Goodness’ strapline isn’t quite accurate as Flora add buttermilk to their once vegan ‘Flora Buttery’ recipe.

The announcement last week from the butter brand came as a shock to their vegan and dairy-intolerant fans, who had long-championed the company’s commitment to developing their dairy-free range before becoming the first major brand to become 100% plant-based. Flora have now changed their strapline to ‘100% Natural Goodness’, citing feedback from customers that they missed the real buttery taste:

“Having listened to a significant number of consumers who miss the familiar taste of buttermilk in Flora Buttery, some customers are not ready to join the plant-based journey yet and are seeking an alternative product.”

Whilst they have updated their packaging to reflect the new recipe and the Vegan Society logo has been removed, the change has brought a huge backlash from their vegan fans. Flora haven’t confirmed the number of customers who complained they missed the buttermilk in the original recipe, and many wonder if this is comparable to the number of vegan and dairy-intolerant customers who will no longer be able to purchase Flora Buttery – many of whom are boycotting the brand altogether. It’s a bold business move, to backtrack on a pioneering campaign that set themselves ahead of their competition with a 100% vegan product range that not only benefitted animals, but the future of our planet. Many former-fans have commented that they were never truly committed to their statement of a plant-based future, and that boasts of health benefits are lost with the addition of the cholesterol found in buttermilk.

The products that are still currently suitable for vegans are:

  • Flora Original
  • Flora Light 

The product that is no longer suitable for vegans is:

  • Flora Buttery

Here’s a guide to the packaging and labelling changes:

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