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Nando’s launch vegan chicken

Nando’s have launched a vegan alternative to their famous PERi-PERi chicken – meet The Great Imitator.

Made from pea protein, the PERi-PERi chicken alternative can be ordered in a burger, pitta or wrap and will be served with their Vegan PERinaise. It’s the first time the chicken chain have experimented with meat replacement, however Nando’s aren’t labelling the dishes as vegan; whilst they are meat-free, they’re aimed at ‘flexitarians’ (those balancing a semi-vegetarian diet) who want to cut down on their meat consumption, and the ‘chicken’, which will be served in strips of four, is cooked on the same grill as their real chicken. Nando’s have confirmed that they have dedicated a separate section on the grill and will be using separate utensils, however there is a risk of cross contamination.

Other vegan options at Nando’s:


  • Spicy mixed olives*
  • Houmous with PERi-PERi Drizzle
  • Sweet potato wedges with garlic PERinaise*
  • Beanie burger – remove the cheese and mayonnaise, not available in a wrap
  • Spicy rice*
  • Garlic bread
  • Chips*
  • PERI-salted chips*
  • Long-stem broccoli*
  • Mixed leaf salad*
  • PERi-BBQ – gluten free
  • Garlic PERinaise – gluten free
  • Chilli jam*
  • Mango sorbet – gluten free
  • Chilly Billy Lolly – gluten free (for kids)

*these appear to be gluten-free but due to cross-contamination they aren’t listed. Check with your server.


  • Cara Viva
  • Spier Chenin Blanc
  • Cara Viva Medium Dry
  • Cara Viva Summer Fruit
  • Cara Viva Red

Beers & Ciders

  • Sagres
  • Five Points XPA
  • Freedom Pilsner
  • Benson’s Raspberry and Lime Cider
  • Benson’s Apple Cider
  • Tempted: Medium Dry Cider

Available from 13th October, The Great Imitator will be on the menu at all 340 of their restaurants. The dish is £5.90 when ordered on its own, £7.90 when ordered with one regular side, and £9.40 with two regular sides.

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