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Pret opens 100% vegan bakery

As 2020 rolls on, it feels like we deserve some good news. Well here it is, in the form of pastry. Pret have launched a vegan bakery, serving vegan pastries and baked sweet treats from all 10 of their Veggie Pret stores across London and Manchester.

Their vegan bakery will serve the following sweet treats:

  • Vegan Plain Croissant⁠
  • Vegan Chocolate Croissant
  • Vegan Almond Croissant⁠
  • Ultimate Vegan Brownie⁠
  • Vegan Hazelnut & Caramel Brownie⁠
  • ⁠Vegan Banana & Walnut Muffin ⁠
  • Vegan Raspberry & Coconut Muffin⁠
  • Vegan Choca Mocha Muffin

In 2016 Pret opened a temporary flagship Veggie Pret in London, dedicated to vegetarian and vegan options that included an ‘eggless’ mayo baguette and ‘chuna’ mayo baguette. It proved so popular they made it a permanent attraction, and soon branch after branch began opening up. It wasn’t long before vegan options began creeping into their mainstream branches – like their incredible Dark Chocolate and Almond Butter cookie. If you haven’t already made them yourself, you can find the recipe on their Instagram page. They’re easy to make, and easy to demolish an entire tray in an afternoon.

Veggie Pret have since expanded into Manchester, and vegans across the country are calling for more to pop-up in their towns and cities – for now, here’s hoping that their bakery will become a permanent fixture. So go, buy pastry and tell them just how much you love them for bringing it into your vegan life! Priced at £1.40 – £2.50, they haven’t even added the ‘vegan tax’ we usually have to endure.

Visit the Veggie Pret website for a full list of addresses. They are also available through Deliveroo, Just Eat and UberEats.

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