Vegan suntan lotion

Suntan lotion can be a tricky one. With the english weather, you never quite know when the sun is going to shine and if you’re out unprepared, you need to put your skin protection first. But finding a vegan-friendly suntan lotion can be really difficult if you’re not near a health food shop or high street store that happens to stock the right brands. Non-vegan suntan lotion can contain lanolin, collagen, stearic acid, elastin or beeswax, all things you don’t really want to be rubbing into your skin. Here are the products to look out for, and where you can find them.


The classic high street haven for vegans. All of their own brand products are suitable for vegans, are cruelty-free and really affordable. They also stock a huge range of vegan-friendly brands like elf, MUA and Revolution (note: not 100% vegan). Superdrug’s vegan suntan lotion range includes sensitive, a kids range, sun sprays and sun creams that range from SPF15 to SPF50. They’re also 100% reef-safe. Prices start at £3.49.


Amazinc!’s suntan lotion includes a unique blend of olive and almond oil that will keep your skin super hydrated, whilst zinc oxide creates a UV filter and reflects sun-rays. The perfect combo. Plus you’ll smell really good. Their mineral suntan lotion is factor 50, comes in a recyclable bottle and is 100% reef-safe. 150ml is £21.50.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop have made great leaps over the past three years. They’re no longer owned by L’Oréal – in 2017 they finally gave up the fight and sold to Brazilian company Natura (owners of Aesop). 10 years after the beauty giant bought The Body Shop, sales had dropped by 38% after loyal followers were shocked at the shift of ownership to one of the biggest companies in the world – one famous for their use of animal ingredients and animal testing. Despite L’Oréal making €1bn from the sale, they barely recovered from what could now be recognised as a huge misjudgement of the power of the green pound, and the strength that boycotting can have. But onto happier things. Their Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist is an innovative product that can be worn both underneath and on top of make-up to provide protection against UVA and UVB rays. Spray on before makeup, leave to set for 15-20 mins, apply your make-up and re-apply over your make-up every two hours. 60ml is £18.


Sainsbury’s have historically been good for vegans, particularly with their food labelling, and their suntan lotion range is no different. Available in a variety of factors, their Invisible Sun Spray is SPF50+ and water resistant – they also offer Baby Sun Protect, Kids Sun Protect, Sun Protect Lotion and Sun Protect Sensitive Spray. 200ml is £4.50.


Skin specialists REN have a wide range of face and body products made of naturally derived ingredients. Almost all of them are vegan, all are cruelty-free and they don’t sell in China. Their Clean Screen Mineral is a non-clogging mattifying sunscreen with SPF30, and the ingredients have been chosen for their natural goodness; zinc oxide protects skin from UVA, UVB and Blue Light rays, yellow passion fruit seed extract protects your skin from pollution, whilst rice starch absorbs oil, controls shine, minimises the appearance of pores and soothes irritation. The packaging is also made from recycled plastic. 50ml is £32.

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