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Take 5: Charcoal Cleansers

If you’ve never tried a charcoal cleanser before, now’s the time to explore the benefits as we see brands expand into the market and offer their own bar of black magic. It’s not for everyone though, and those with sensitive or dry skin might not get along with charcoal as it can be drying. Ideal for oily and acne-prone skin, charcoal draws out dead skin cells, sweat and make up during the cleansing process, and over time can prevent breakouts. Here are five of our favourite vegan and cruelty-free charcoal cleansers.

Carbon Theory

Carbon Theory’s charcoal cleanser is formulated with a blend of charcoal, tea tree oil and shea butter to create a product that draws out dirt, reduces inflammation and keeps skin nourished and hydrated. With fantastic reviews, and a charcoal range including body soap, serum, masks and scrubs, it’s worth exploring more if the cleanser works for you. Available online and in Waitrose. 100g bar is £6.


Lush is known for their cruelty-free and mostly vegan products. On top of the charcoal in Coalface, you’ll find rosewood and sandalwood keeping skin clean with their antibacterial properties, whilst liquorice root decoction is anti-inflammatory and moisturising. You can also use this as a body cleanser, too. Their charcoal range extends to a Prince of Darkness face mask. 100g bar is £9.


Herbivore’s bamboo charcoal cleanser contains tea tree oil and white clay to help rid skin of toxins and impurities, and can be used on both the face and body. The brand’s ethos focuses on skin care rituals rather than regimes, carving out time for yourself at the beginning and end of the day with products that not only serve a purpose, but contain ingredients that are natural and synthetic-free. 113g bar is £10.

Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas‘s unique charcoal cleanser is formulated with bamboo powder, charcoal, olive oil and shea butter to deeply cleanse and nourish skin, leaving pores clear and skin hydrated. It also works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 100g bar is £18.


DISCIPLE Skincare have turned the traditional ‘soap on a rope’ on its head with their charcoal cleanser. Packed with nourishing almond oil and antibacterial tea tree oil to keep skin balanced, the bar’s activated charcoal cleans pores deeply, and can be used on the body, too. 80g bar is £10.

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  1. I haven’t used much in the way of charcoal… only the origins face mask that contains it. These are some great suggestions to try!

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