The best vegan Easter eggs

Easter weekend is fast approaching, so if you’re celebrating and want to keep it vegan all round (only fair that you get to try everyone else’s, after all), or buying for someone special, here are some of the very best vegan Easter eggs on the market this year.

Moo Free
Moo Free Vegan Easter Egg
Photo Credit: Moo Free

Moo Free have been honing their chocolate making skills for almost a decade, and craft some of the creamiest vegan chocolate around. Available in almost every supermarket and health food store, this year’s range of Easter eggs include a new organic sea salt and caramel egg and a classic dark chocolate flavour, as well as their award-winning ‘milk’ chocolate, honeycomb and chocolate orange eggs. They even have a chocolate rabbit. All of their products are also gluten free and soya free.

Moo Free organic sea salt and caramel egg, £7

Montezumas vegan chocolate peanut butter easter balls
Photo credit: Montezumas

These bags of salty chocolate peanut butter truffles are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any peanut butter lover. They’re addictive, and have the ‘Pringles’ effect – once you’ve opened the bag, it will soon be gone!

Montezumas peanut butter truffle bites, £2.99

Hotel Chocolat
Hotel Chocolat vegan chocolate easter egg
Photo credit: Hotel Chocolat

This is such a fun idea! Dark chocolate egg with a smear of white chocolate and a soft-boiled splat – all wrapped up in a biodegradable cellulose bag that’s compostable. Hotel Chocolat also have a whole range of vegan-labelled chocolates so it’s worth popping in for a browse.

Soft boiled Easter egg, £10

Fortnum & Mason
Fortnum & Mason vegan almond and dark chocolate easter egg
Photo credit: Fortnum & Mason

For that extra special touch, Fortnum & Mason has launched a very special vegan egg this year. Roasted Sicilian almonds have been blended into the rich dark chocolate that makes up the egg, which conceals six Napolitains. It’s luxury all the way this Easter.

Handmade Almond & Dark Chocolate Nut Egg, £35

Coco Caravan
Coco Caravan vegan caramel easter eggs
Photo credit: Coco Caravan

These might look like cream eggs, but these small oval chocolates are filled with caramel. And we’re not sharing them with anyone.

Caramel-filled mini eggs, £6

Lindt vegan gold bunny
Photo credit: Lindt

A really ‘creamy’ dark chocolate, and welcome addition to the bunny chocolatier family. It’s great to see a vegan option from the experts.

Lindt Gold Bunny, £4

White chocolate vegan easter egg
Photo credit: Morrisons

For those craving white chocolate, this humble egg will hit the spot at a really affordable price.

White chocolate egg and discs, £2.50

Cocoa Loco
Cocoa Loco dark chocolate and ginger vegan easter egg
Photo credit: Ethical Superstore

If you’re looking for an option that’s a little bit different, try this dark chocolate egg with beautiful crystallised ginger, filled with jumbo buttons. It’s also organic, Fairtrade and palm oil free.

Dark chocolate & crystallised ginger egg, £11.95


Homemade by the Buttermilk family, David & Tracy have been making non-vegan eggs in Cornwall since 1964, and this vegan-friendly option sounds seriously good. Milk chocolate decorated with white chocolate and honeycomb pieces. It’s also gluten free.

Buttermilk Free From Honeycomb Easter Egg, £6

Happy Easter! Enjoy eating your body weight in chocolate.

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