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Must Try for February: La Boulangère

They came into our lives in the middle of January, and we’ve been stuffing our faces with them since the day they landed on the shelves of Sainsbury’s.

 La Boulangère vegan pain au chocolate & vegan croissants
Photo credit: Portia Legge

Although we’ll always have a soft spot for Jus-Rol, and a place for them in our fridge (heck, we haven’t got a replacement for their cinnamon swirls and you know we’re not making those ourselves on a Sunday morning), we are so excited to see this new edition to the vegan breakfast market!

The only downside to these beauties is the sheer amount of plastic that comes with your purchase. Each croissant and pain au chocolat is wrapped individually in plastic (hence the long shelf-life – around two weeks) and they are sold in a large bag of plastic, none of which can be recycled. You could probably re-use the large outer packaging (although it is slightly flimsy) but the individual wrappers are certainly single-use. Which is a shame.

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