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Editor’s Letter: Veganuary is here!

It’s come around again, and it seems even faster than last time. Back for its 5th year, Veganuary encourages everyone to go vegan for just one month to see how they get on – whether it’s for the animals, the planet or their health.

Since it began in 2014 over 250,000 people have taken part in Veganuary, and I can’t wait to find out the total number for 2019. Every year more and more people get involved and sign up to give veganism a try for the first month of the year (183% more between 2017 and 2018!) – and so many stick to it when they realise how easy it is, and how important it is for our future.

Whether you’re a meat eater, pescatarian, vegetarian or part-time vegan, Veganuary is the perfect time to give veganism a try. You never know, you might like it enough to keep going!

In 2017 I wrote about my journey from vegetarian to vegan, and shared my tips for going vegan, and in 2018 we wrote about Veganuary and shared why it was our Must Try for January. There’s got a whole host of information here on The Nod, and we’ll be sharing plenty more throughout January to help you along your way. Need some restaurant ideas? Read our Eating Out Guide. Our This Month’s Must Try favourites always celebrate the very best of innovative and exciting brands, and take a look at our cruelty-free clothing and cosmetics round-ups for tips and advice. Make sure you stock up on plenty of vegan Prosecco and Champagne to celebrate your success with, too!

We’re living in a time when you can walk down your local high street and choose from pizza with vegan cheese, creamy pasta, meat replacement toppings, burgers, curries, sushi, moussaka, roast dinners – you don’t even have to miss out on a cheeky Nandos. To end your meal you can skip the sorbet and fruit and head straight for chocolate torte, gooey brownies, cupcakes, cookies and apple crumble. And that’s just the restaurants! If you’re in the mood to cook at home, the possibilities are endless.

I understand it can seem daunting and overwhelming at first – a little impossible, even. Remember you can always ask me questions at hello@thenodmagazine.co.uk or tweet me at @TheNodMagazine – or my personal account, paperbagblog. Good luck if you’re taking part!

photo credit for peanut butter cups: Taylor Kiser
photo credit for donuts: Anita Klasanova
photo credit for by CHLOE: Suad Kamardee

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