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Must Try for October: Sutton & Sons

Who else knew Friday night as fish & chip night at their house? Sometimes mixing things up with a battered sausage, but usually staying true to a paper-bound hunk of crispy battered fish, you would race home hoping to beat the steam in an attempt to keep that crispy coating as it was meant to be – thick, crunchy and proper.

Nothing more disappointing than tucking in to find a soggy batter.

Moving on a few years and it’s been a while since the chippy time trials have taken place. We’ve had vegan fish in many different forms – VBites fish steaks are a staple in our house (we sneak off to the chip shop for some ‘proper’ chips to dump on our plate alongside homemade tartare sauce and beans), Linda McCartney scampi bites are brilliant in tacos and you can’t beat some old school fish fingers. But Sutton & Sons have taken all of these fishy fancies to another level. A vegan fish and chip shop.

Plates of vegan fish and chips

With a menu that boasts fish & chips, fishcakes and a brilliant classic prawn cocktail, this place doesn’t mess about – but it isn’t as simple as it seems. Their fish-alternative is intriguingly made from banana blossom, their fishcake is served with samphire and their fish burger is served in a brioche bun. You can tell that this place means business – and they know what they’re doing. Not in the mood for faux fish? They’ve also got a drunken mushroom pie stuffed with spinach, red wine and hazelnuts, and served with an onion gravy and mash – or a Lincolnshire-style battered sausage with chips. All available to eat in or takeaway, depending on whether you want to attempt those time trials again.

You can find Sutton & Sons full vegan menu here. Visit Sutton & Sons at 240 Graham Road, London, E8 1BP.