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Must Try for January: Veganuary!

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2018, and the first Must Try of the year. In a similar vein to November’s Must Try, we’re recommending Veganuary for January. A month-long initiative to encourage non-vegans to give veganism a whirl, Veganuary is a great way to dip your toe into the plant-based pool and see what you think.

Tips for going vegan

Back in May our Editor shared her tips for going vegan, so if you haven’t already seen that, give that a read. For Veganuary, we recommend planning your meals week-by-week, and see how you get on; don’t jump straight into a strict meal plan that maps out the entire four weeks, and don’t make it a drastic difference to your normal meal plan. You can find a whole host of recipes on the Veganuary website, from quick and easy meals if you’re busy during the week, to recipes from all over the world, whether you love Indian food or some good old American junk food. Don’t forget to enjoy it, and make sure you’re well stocked with Oreos and croissants before you get going.

Veganism: It's not a trend, it's an awakening

Visit the Veganuary website for a vegan starter kit, including accidentally vegan products: from beer to biscuits, bread to baked beans, as well as nutritional advice, meal plans and answers to all your why’s and but’s.

Inspiring quote on how being vegan is about imperfect

The perfect reminder that we are all perfectly imperfect.

Follow @WeAreVeganuary on Twitter for recipes and advice, as well as inspiring stories and a community of like-minded people with the same cause in their hearts – and don’t forget to tweet us at @TheNodMagazine with how you’re getting on.

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