Hallowe’en: Don’t be afraid of the sweets

You’ve got your Netflix ‘My List’ filled to the brim with scary movies, a stack of DVDs next to the sofa, your favourite horror-loving friends have been invited round – now for the most important task. Buying the snacks.

First things first: popcorn. Propercorn are as good as they sound, and an absolute must-have for movie marathons. If you’re going to pick just one (and we strongly advise against doing that), it has to be the peanut butter & almond flavour, with a mug of Whittards peanut butter hot chocolate.

Find Propercorn in their online shop, or at almost every supermarket.

Bowls of popcorn next to bags of PROPERCORN

Bag of vegan cheese and onion crisps on top of a wooden board with vegan cheese and an onion

If you’re more of a crisp-snacker, stock up on Ten Acre crisps – they even make ‘cheese’ and onion! Otherwise you’ll find us face-first in a bag of Doritos Chilli Heat Wave, Kettle Chips (lots of flavours, they’re all labelled as suitable/not suitable) and Pringles (many flavours, check their vegan ticks!).

Visit the Ten Acre crisps website for stockists. 

Woman holding a bag of vegan Candy Kittens sweets

For those with a sweet tooth, Candy Kittens have a vegan range that you can find in most supermarkets – the sweet peach flavour is dreamy. Other sugary favourites are Sainsbury’s Fizzy Fangs, Skittles, Starburst, M&S’ Colin Caterpillar (in fact, a lot of M&S sweets are vegan), Jelly Tots, Fabulous Free From Factory’s dairy-free chocolate raisins and sea salt chocolate fudge, Goody Good Stuff and Freedom marshmallows – to name but a few!

Pile of oreo cookies

More of a biscuit-fiend? Top of the pile is Oreo, with every flavour being vegan except for the peanut butter one. Whyyyyyy?

Next in the biscuit tin is bourbon biscuits, closely followed by Hobnobs (both plain and chocolate chip), Fox’s Party Rings and ending neatly with a few packets of Lazy Day’s tiffin, rocky road and millionaire’s shortbread. Still hungry? Order a Papa Johns sans cheese, load it up with extra veggies and don’t forget a mountain of special garlic dips. Happy hallowe’en!

You can find most of these sweets and biscuits in supermarkets, Holland & Barrett or your local health food shop, or online at places like Ethical Superstore and The Vegan Kind.

All of these products were vegan at the time of writing. Please confirm with suppliers as ingredients, annoyingly, often change.

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  1. Regarding Oreos, Nabisco/Kraft have confirmed that they do not track the kind of sugar they receive from suppliers so it is likely they get it from typical bone char filtering suppliers. So, no, it is not likely that Oreos are vegan. This myth needs to stop. Thank you.

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