Editor's Letter

Editor’s Letter: Vegan friends

October’s set to be one good month. You’ll mostly find us in our pyjamas with a Glossier mask on our faces, a spoon dug deep into a tub of dairy-free Ben & Jerry ice-cream with plans to meet at Veggie Pret 3 for lunch and a coconut pumpkin spice flat white (!!!). Plus it’s one step closer to Christmas, and who else cannot contain their excitement? (We might have been to the Selfridges’ Christmas shop pop-up in August).

New wrap and smoothie from Pret a Manger

What else is there to look forward to in October? Hallowe’en. The highlight of my year, my favourite holiday, the perfect excuse to cover myself in make-up and pretend to be some kind of demonic entity. I spend as much of the month as I can in an unrecognisable mess of fake blood, covered in the sugary remains of packets and packets of fizzy fangs – so watch this space for my favourite treats for your movie marathon.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make transitioning to a 100% vegan lifestyle easier. I went vegan on 27th August 2005, at a time when some supermarkets weren’t even labelling products as suitable for vegetarians (I’m looking at you, Morrisons). You could find soya milk, Swedish Glace and little else, other than veggies. Luckily I wasn’t too far from Brighton, where I could find vegan treats galore, cafes and restaurants with wonderful menus. I enjoyed the odd trip to London for even more food, and had a whole host of online friends to chat about tofu with. But out of my close friends, I was the only vegan. In the village, in the pub, in their kitchen – little old fussy me. And although I’m damn stubborn and never once thought about giving it all up, it’s definitely easier now that people have heard the word, understand the meaning and it’s the norm (mostly). Because when you have people around you who get you – even if they’re not on quite the same page – it feels good.

Woman wrapped in blanket with a mug of coffee

When you’re first starting out, it feels like there are 1,743,579,814,372 things you can’t eat/do/wear. And when you have a grand total of 0 friends in ‘real life’ to chat to about this, it can make you feel like that ‘0’ is swallowing you whole. So find those friends that understand – or, even better, enjoy tofu as much as you – make plans, discuss which biscuits are vegan, let them know about a new vegan menu and bake them a cake. Because who doesn’t want to be greeted with cake? Finding true friends, and true vegan friends, is what makes this whole journey so fun. And if you can’t find anyone in ‘real life’ to chat to, email me at hello@thenodmagazine.co.uk and let’s be friends. I’ll send you virtual cake.

Thanks to everyone who has joined us along the way – we’ve hit the two-month mark and absolutely loving having you all here. Tell your friends, and hopefully they’ll enjoy their time here, too. We’re now on Facebook, and hope you can join our little community there.