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Veggie Pret: When 2 become 3!

Statement announcing the popularity of vegetarian options at Pret, and the journey of Veggie Pret so far

Editor’s Note: Veggie Pret will open on Wednesday 11th October at Exmouth Market, London!

Sharing this simple statement on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Pret a Manger have announced that their Veggie Pret flagship, and subsequent second branch, has proven so popular that number three is on it’s way.

The high street sandwich shop haven’t confirmed where the new location will be, but with two stores already open in London could this be the branch that moves Veggie Pret out of the big smoke?

Vegan avocado and chilli wrap

Launching in 2016, Veggie Pret was borne out of some serious consumer listening; customers were asking for more options, and staff were increasingly being asked to make vegan sandwiches and baguettes once they had sold out. With monthly specials often carrying that all-important ‘V’ word, as well veganasing the miso soup, Pret were satisfying their plant-based fans so well that they trialled a Veggie Pret pop-up in Soho that was meant to last a month, and is still there now. The second branch popped up in Shoreditch over the summer, and with branch #3 opening its doors by the end of the year, there’s no better brand on the high street that delivers such vegan-friendly service to its customers.

Personally we’re hoping that they roll out those darn salted caramel vegan brownies in every branch… And can we talk about their coconut flat whites? Swoon.

salted caramel Vegan Brownie

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