London Fashion Week: Positive Fashion

Dame Vivienne Westwood and the Mayor of London have teamed up for London Fashion Week to ask designers to switch to green energy suppliers, and make an impact on the planet with each piece they send down the runway.

The Positive Fashion initiative, supported by the British Fashion Council, is being rolled out during London Fashion Week, taking place this weekend, to encourage designers to lead the way with their collections and sign-up to SWITCH to green energy suppliers.

From offices to production and retail stores, designers will commit to switching suppliers across the board within the next three years, contributing to the UK’s business sustainability goals and help tackle climate change.

This exciting moves comes at the same time as PETA opening LFW with an anti-leather demonstration, and the British Fashion Council urging attendees to avoid wearing fur (real or fake) to the shows.

Three models protesting the use of leather in the fashion industry