Recipe: Rosemary Mushroom Tart

September. Colder temperatures. Warmer jumpers. More candles. Rosemary.

Autumn/Winter is approaching, and we’re diving head first into Roast Season. A time in the calendar of life that means we scoff as many roast potatoes as possible into our mouths, bake pies, roll balls of stuffing and eat bubble & squeak for days. All choked down with plenty of fresh rosemary.

Full aerial view of rosemary mushroom tart

Whilst we love a good nut roast, here’s what’s up. Sometimes (often) you need pastry. Fresh, crisp pastry. Which is why we searched and found this rosemary and mushroom tart recipe, and let us tell you – it’s simple, satisfying and super delish. Plus, it takes less than half an hour to make.

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