This month's must try

Must try for August: SugarSin

When we walked into the store, like school kids with their pocket money, and whispered for directions to the vegan options, we never expected the guided tour we were given. It wasn’t just a trip down memory lane it was an edible adventure, as we collected fizzy keys, foam buttons and strawberry bonbons, and dropped them into our paper bags with glee.


SugarSin boasts everything you would expect to find in a fabulous sweet shop, as well as entire section dedicated to liquorice, and shelves bursting with their own range of Prosecco gummies. They’re currently expanding their vegan offerings, so expect even more treats instore over the coming weeks – we’ve even heard that their Treat of the Month in August will be suitable for vegans! With the new Brighton store recently opening, and Candy Kittens no longer available at Waitrose, we know where we’ll be going for our fizzy fix.

Find SugarSin in London and Brighton, check their locations page to see where else they’re stocked, or order online at