Istanbul is one of the most beautiful, exciting, bizarre places I’ve ever been to. It was probably the first time I stepped out of my comfort zone, explored new territory and learnt that Turkey does not, in fact, serve the best hummus in the world (who would have thought?).

Dried fruit stand in Istanbul

I wondered as I booked the tickets, how easily would I be able to eat in Istanbul? Well, I knew I would be able to eat – but could I eat well? Could I eat exciting, new foods – could I find vegan baklava? (The answer is yes, by the way!). Once there, I embraced the stacks of dried fruit stuffed with marzipan and nuts which you can find in the packed markets, along with tea and spices, I tucked into street food and sought out mezze platters in buzzing restaurants.

Piles of bagels in a food truck in Istanbul

Carts selling Simit can be found across the city – these are Turkish sesame bagels, and such a treat to munch on whilst taking in the sights.

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